The Band Stand

The music department has begun selling coffee, apple cider, and other warm drinks in the morning before school to raise money to repair instruments. 

Chadwick’s new music teacher Elizabeth Jordan began the fundraiser on November 16, and it will be going on for the rest of the semester. 

At the beginning of the year, a technician from Springfield Music came to the school to evaluate the instruments and said that it would be cheaper to replace most of the instruments, rather than attempt to repair them. 

Ms. Jordan hopes to raise at least $150 with this fundraiser to cover the costs of servicing the instruments worth keeping. 

Eighth grader Jolee Stafford loves band, but she is stuck playing a hand-me-down clarinet that has been used by students at Chadwick for many years. “Band is the best part of my day,” she said, “but sometimes it is difficult when our instruments are in need of repair.” 

The middle and high school bands now include seventeen students in total, and Ms. Jordan hopes interest will continue to grow and that fundraisers like this one will help make the experience affordable.