Technology Services

Chadwick School District has three computer labs available for students and staff.  Every classroom has Smart Boards, and the elementary classrooms have photo scanners available.  In the 3rd-6th grade classrooms and the high school English classroom, students each have their own computer stations.  Also available for classroom use are documents, digital cameras, and video cameras.

Chadwick offers the following services:

Lumen Portal

Parents are able to check grades, assignment progress, discipline, lunch balances, and health services.  Students use the Portal to check their assignments, grades, select classes, and view library checkouts.  Both parents and students can email a classroom teacher from the Portal.


Teachers maintain informational sites for parents and students about what they are doing in the classroom through their class websites. To navigate to a teacher’s web site, go to the faculty directory (Meet the Cardinals>Faculty) and click on the appropriate link under each teacher’s name.

Help Desk

If you have trouble with any of these services, please send an email to