Our Vision


It is the mission of Chadwick R-1 Schools, in partnership with parents and community, to establish high standards of learning, high expectations for achievement, and guidance for success!


The Chadwick R-I School District employees envision that each student can:

  • Value education and achievement,
  • Become self sufficient,
  • Have the skills necessary to be successful,
  • Experience community and parent involvement,
  • Strive to reach full potential,
  • Be life long learners.


The Chadwick School community shares the following beliefs:

  • Education is the shared responsibility of the school, student, family, community, and government.
  • The school environment meets the emotional, academic, social, and physical needs of each student, fostering a sense of belonging and stimulating the student’s desire to explore and participate in activities in and beyond the classroom.
  • Successful students are prepared to make career and higher education decisions at the appropriate time.
  • A collaborative learning environment cultivates creative thinking and problem solving skills.
  • The school sets high expectations and provides meaningful and challenging instruction, allowing all students to achieve their highest potential.
  • The school community respects, protects, and celebrates the diversity, talent and the learning potential of each student.
  • Education works best when there is mutual respect among teachers, parents, students, and the community.

Goals for Graduates

The Chadwick R-I School District promotes RESPONSIBILITY and expects its graduates to:

  •  take ownership of their own learning and advancement
  • demonstrate a commitment to civic and environmental involvement
  • honor and take pride in themselves, their campus, their community, their nation.

Chadwick R-I School District emphasizes INTEGRITY and expects its graduates to:

  •  conduct themselves honorably in the classroom, in the athletic arena, and in the community
  • lead others through ethical example
  • examine their choices and thereby improve their own character

Chadwick R-I School District inspires its students to EXCEL in all areas of development and expects all of its graduates to:

  • pursue worthy academic goals
  • grow as a scholar, athlete, artist, and person
  • strive for improvement in all areas of development regardless of current achievement

Chadwick R-I School District honors the DISTINCTIONS that make each person unique and expects its graduates to:

  • value diversity of all types
  • strive to make themselves stand out positively in academic and co-curricular endeavors
  • apply their unique strengths to problems to reach solutions

Chadwick R-I School District encourages students to find VALUE in themselves and in others and expects its graduates to:

  •  go beyond the classroom and apply their education to their lives
  • make important contributions to the classroom, co-curricular arena, and community
  • realize that new experiences and relationships can enrich their lives

Chadwick R-I School District instills students with a VISION and expects its graduates to:

  • take initiative in pursuing noble post-secondary goals
  • find ways to make their high school experience meaningful
  • see the connections between different academic disciplines

Philosophy of Education

  • We believe all students can learn.
  • All students can be educated in a safe environment.
  • Education is the responsibility of teachers, parents, administrators.
  • School board members, students, and community.
  • All students can live as responsible, respectful, and productive citizens in society.