Four Days of FFA Fun

On October 27, the FFA officers and five other members attended the 94th FFA Annual National Convention. 

Officers and any member who sold at least thirty mums were eligible to attend the four-day trip to Indianapolis. 

FFA sponsor Viktoria Branstetter and superintendent Michael Wallace accompanied FFA president Eli Dunn, vice President Mathurin Aldrich, secretary Kyler McElroy, treasurer Eden McElroy, reporter Sierra Jackson, and members Mason Rogers, Kerrigan Guerin, Ralen Hume, Annie Burkhart, and Morgan Myers. 

Mrs. Brandstetter said, “The trip was about fifty percent fun and fifty percent educational, providing a good balance that kept the students entertained but also taught them about different aspects of agriculture and farming.” 

The students also got to see new inventions, such as robotic arms that have been made to milk cows. They toured dairy farms and attended a rodeo where they got to meet professional bull rider Dale Birsby. They also listened to cowgirl-turned-television-personality Courtenay Dehoff speak at an open session with FFA members from across the country.

Eli said, “National Convention is a great way to meet a lot of people from all around the nation, including Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories like the Virgin Islands.” 

-Bianca Mitchell