Students Connect Through Art

Chadwick’s new art teacher hopes the art club will help students build a sense of community.

Ms. Cassaundra Sanderson is originally from Branson. She earned an art degree from College of the Ozarks before pursuing a master’s in art from University of Arkansas. She taught college-level art classes at the University of Arkansas and Middle Tennessee University before deciding she was ready for a change and wanted to try teaching younger students. She came to teach at Chadwick to be closer to home. 

According to Sanderson, Art Club is mainly focused on making connections between the students and allowing them to become more personal and vulnerable in their art. She believes more honest pieces will create better pieces overall. 

There was so much interest in the club that it had to be split into two groups: fourth through sixth grade students and seventh through twelfth grade students. 

Freshmen art club member Madison Mitchell said she joined because Ms. Saunderson is one of her favorite teachers and because she just really likes art.  

-Madison Tilley