High School Drama Can Be a Good Thing

Mrs. Wilson hopes that drama club will help students be more confident, more creative, and better communicators. 

The club, which has been absent from the list of extracurricular activities at Chadwick for years, will meet every Tuesday and is open to high school students. 

Mrs. Alison Wilson will be sponsoring the club, and so far, there are five members: freshmen Annie Burkhart and Ralen Hume; sophomore Hope Cover; and juniors Natalie Parker and Shyann Gilbert. Mrs. Wilson expects the club to continue to grow as other students hear about how much fun they are having.

She said the club will help students develop an awareness about theater, improvisation, and creativity in general, as well as helping them “develop more self-confidence.” 

“I expected Drama Club to be about acting and more dramatic things but we actually ended up playing games and working on improv,” Ralen said. “If you are on the fence about joining, you totally should. We have a lot of fun.”

-Natalie Parker