Working Hard, Winning Games

On October 2, 2021, the junior high boys and girls basketball teams placed first in the annual Mark Twain Conference Tournament. 

In the championship,the boys beat School of the Ozarks and  the girls defeated Bradleyville. 

Both teams’ seasons have been going exceptionally well, with the boys earning a 9-2 record and the girls earning a 7-3 record. 

Coach Shawn Guerin said the boys knew when they started the season that they would have to work hard, which is what they have done, and it has continued to pay off. “These boys have a bright future ahead of them,” he said. “I can’t wait to see what they accomplish.” 

Coach Terry Mitchell said the girls team has had to battle injuries all season, but they continue to persevere. They are “working hard and getting better each day,” he said. 

The boys team includes Creek Guiren, Ethan Loveland, Conner Cantrell, Abol Hume, Keegan Finney, Dalton Little, Bowen Tucker, Wyatt Lantz, Kevin Sisco, Preston Kinyon, Theyer Little, Gentry Little, Anson Gardner, Colin, Johnson, and Remington Daughtery. 

The girls team includes Mayce Daughtery, Maddy Sallee, Mylea Bertoldie, Greta Gardner, Ella Herd, Kaylee Garrison, Sydney Maggard, and Kassity Rogers.

-Bianca Mitchell