STUCO Returns to Chadwick

After nearly a decade of inactivity, the school once again has a student council. 

Students in fifth through twelfth grades elected two representatives per class. 

The student council will meet once a month to talk about the needs and concerns of the student body. In their first meeting, middle school representatives said they would like access to a color printer, while changes to the school lunch program dominated high school representatives’ agenda.

Sponsor Misty Wilkerson said, “The student council simply hasn’t been utilized in recent years. It lets the kids have a voice and an opportunity to make their own educational experience better.”

The student council plans to hold several fundraisers throughout the year to raise money, such as selling lollipops. They also plan to participate in the “Booster to Belts” program where students give automobile safety presentations in the community and are reimbursed by State Farm Insurance. 

Members include fifth graders Emma Herd and Grady Preston; sixth graders Bryson Lafferty and Mesa Aldrich; seventh graders Creek Guerin and Greta Gardner; eighth graders Ethan Loveland and Kassity Rogers; freshmen Millie Burkhart and Kali Purdome; sophomores Eden McElroy and Sierra Jackson; juniors Shyanne Gilbert and Abigail Smith; and seniors Bianca Mitchell and Zoe Patterson.

-Katie Sallee