Lady Cardinals Show Potential

This year’s Lady Cardinals Volleyball Team showcases a variety of young talent with developing skills.

The Chadwick High School Volleyball Team features just one senior and one junior, hitters Maddie Nallie and Hope Cover. The rest of the team is young, but working hard and improving every day.

Sophomore Millie Burkhart said, “I know we can turn our luck around if we put in more effort.”

The team started the season 2-4, but Coach Amy Vanhouden sees potential. “I’m feeling very optimistic about the coming year,” she said, “and I expect great things from my players.”

The team consists of freshmen Ella Herd, Jolee Stafford, Maria Barner; sophomores Emma Finney, Annie Burkhart, Millie Burkhart, Ralen Hume, Kali Purdome, Morgan Meyer, and Kiley Goings; junior Hope Cover; and senior Maddey Nalley.

-Luke Lorenz