The End of an Era

After fifteen years serving Chadwick School, Superintendent Dana Comstock will retire this summer.

In an email announcing her retirement, Mrs. Comstock said, “This is a wonderful school, a wonderful community, and a wonderful place to work.” 

Anyone who has been part of the Chadwick School community in the past fifteen years knows that this is true largely because of Mrs. Comstock’s own efforts. Her selfless dedication, positive attitude, and common sense approach have made Chadwick School a great place for students to grow and a great place for staff to work.  

During her tenure, the school has enjoyed much academic and athletic success, and she has worked to maintain and improve programs within the school as well as the campus itself. The Early Childhood Center, which was added in 2016, and the new track and field facility, which will be completed this summer, are just two recent examples that have allowed the district to expand the services and opportunities it offers to students. 

But Mrs. Comstock’s work at Chadwick has been about more than trophies, test scores, and building projects. It has been about the students and the people in the community. It should come as no surprise that, while many people simply look forward to retirement, Mrs. Comstock finds it bittersweet. “Fifteen years is a long time. It’s almost like giving up a child when they grow up,” she said. “It’s hard.”

Retirement does come with advantages, though, and will allow Mrs. Comstock to spend more time with her mother and the rest of her family, including six grandchildren. She also plans to take the opportunity to get more involved with the day-to-day operation of her family farm again.  

The role of superintendent will be filled by Mr. Mike Wallace, who has served as the superintendent of schools at Everton for the last 3 years. Mrs. Comstock will be working with him in the meantime to help ensure a smooth transition.  

Mrs. Comstock’s last day on the payroll will be June 30, 2021, but she will forever be a Chadwick Cardinal at heart.