What Are You Thankful For?

Chadwick students reflected on their blessings heading into the holiday season.

Most kids said that they were thankful for their families. This included senior Calvin Rains and his brother, sophomore Clayton Rains, who said they were thankful for their mom.

Some of them were thankful for their favorite things, like junior Ethan Williams who said he was thankful for his truck.

Many students also said they were thankful for God and the things He has done for them.

Some students were thankful for things that they might have taken for granted in the not so distant past. For instance, eighth grader Madison Mitchell said she was thankful “for the opportunity to learn.”

Junior Bianca Mitchell said she was thankful for her teachers–when they were in a good mood–as well as Chinese food and lip gloss.

A lot of students were thankful to be living in America, and eighth grader Bo Maggard said, “I’m thankful for President Trump.” Sixth graders Adelynn Gardner and Greta Gardner said the same.

“I’m thankful for the ability to express myself,” said junior Madison Tilley.

Some responses were pretty original. First grader Merecedes Barr said she is thankful for her chores, and while lots of students were thankful for their siblings, Bethany Sisco said she is thankful to not have any brothers and sisters. 

And the teachers? Well, Mrs. Alison Wilson and Mrs. Courtney Mitchell said they were thankful for students who complete their assignments on time. “And for my favorite Thanksgiving foods: dill bread and sweet potatoes,” added Mrs. Mitchell.

–Hailey Beck