Meet the Cardinals

The newest face in the Chadwick hallways is our school resource officer, Deputy Barney Munhollon.

Deputy Munhollon has an undergraduate and masters degree in theology and ministry, but said he has always been intersted in becoming a police officer. His goal is to help people who want help and to make a difference in the community.

He first thought about becoming a school resource officer while at the police academy, but this year is the first time he has had the opportunity to serve in that way. He said the small-town environment of Chadwick is a perfect fit for him.

“The cool thing about being a [school resource officer] is that it’s an opportunity to do proactive law enforcement rather than reactive law enforcement,” Deputy Munhollon explained.  He also likes that he gets the opportunity to play so many parts in the school environment; he gets to be a strong male role model, a friendly face, or even a father figure to students. He hopes that the relationships he builds with students open the lines of communication and help students make good choices.

English teacher Mr. Tyler Walker said, “I see the deputy every morning when I come to work, greeting students with a high-five as they get off the bus. Some of them are barely awake, but he makes sure the first face they see when they come to school has a smile on it. It’s inspiring to them and to me.”

Deputy Munhollon’s job may ultimately be to help make our school a secure environment where students and staff can feel safe, but his positive attitude and willingness to serve result in him accomplishing much, much more.

–Ashlee Thompson