Public Notice of Hearing

The following is a hearing notice for the proposal of a new early childhood/ preschool building to be funded by the Start Smart Community Development Block Grant. Christian County Commission, Chadwick School Foundation, and Chadwick R-1 School District will work collaboratively to prepare this grant.

We are requesting the presence of our community to develop a needs assessment at the hearing and discuss a potential out-lay for the proposed building and site for building.  This is not necessarily a “Q and A” for the building as we have not been granted funding yet.

Please support the expansion of your Chadwick R-1 School District preschool program by attending!

Click here to download a copy of this notice or read below.


The Christian County Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at the Chadwick R-1 School District cafeteria located at 7090 State Hwy 125 South, Chadwick, MO 65629.  The purpose of the meeting is to consider the submission of an application for a Community Block Grant for the Chadwick R-1 School District.

The County will hear from the Chadwick R-1 School District and their proposal for the County to support the construction of an Early Childhood Education Facility in conjunction with Chadwick R-1 School District.  If the county accepts the proposal, the project, if funded, will benefit 54% low/moderate income persons.  The county would use grant funds of $1,000,000.00.  The project would be located in the Chadwick R-1 School District.   All citizens, including those in the Chadwick area, are encouraged to attend in order to comment on the proposed activities.  As part of the hearing process citizens will be asked to verbally assist in the completion of a “Needs Assessment” document.

The document will detail what the residents feel are the strengths and weaknesses of the Chadwick community.  The County needs as much local participation as possible to reflect the true desires of the Chadwick Community as a whole, as well as the comments relating to the proposed project application.  The State has established a maximum application request for each funding category.  Activities that are eligible for funding include the improvement of public works, public facilities, housing rehabilitation, and others allowed by law.  No displacement of persons will be proposed.   For more information contact Jacklyn Aldrich at Chadwick R-1 School: 417-634-3588 or email: