Saturday 5K Made for a Fun Make-Up Day

ethan-syd winners

The Chadwick School Foundation hosted its annual 5K event on Saturday, April 6, 2014.

Students and school staff were scheduled to make up a snow day that Saturday, but those who wanted to participate in the walk/run or the cheaper Baby Bird Run were encouraged to do so.

Alumnus Ethan Ruhland placed first in the 5K event with senior Sydney Guardiola taking second.

After the race, everyone was invited to the baseball field for an after party complete with hamburgers and hotdogs, kick ball, and live music from Sean Spyres and the Chadwick School band.

Up Next Entertainment was also on-hand with a bounce house and a live DJ.

The top 20 finishers were

1st Ethan Ruhland 23:06
2nd Sydney Gaurdiola 23:10
3rd Shawn Hollon 23:57
4th Hailey Stevens 23:58
5th Landon Rozell 25:10
6th Corey Taylor 25:44
7th Garret Gardner 27:49
8th Kevin Lassley 27:54
9th Ella Herd 29:21
10th TJ Sanchez 29:46
11th Matt Duzan 30:34
12th Travis Smith 31:14
13th Roger Rekate 31:14
14th Anna Hitt 32:59
15th Megan Hitt 33:31
16th Craig Preston 33:31
17th Stefanie Johnson 33:54
18th LeAnna Gilbert 34:55
19th Lauren Gilbert 34:45
20th Ashton Hitt 35:26

Other interesting notes about the top 20 finishers:

  • Sydney was the first Chadwick student to cross the finish line.
  • Chadwick alumnus Shawn Holland was the first finisher over thirty years old.
  • Junior Hailey Stevens was the first female to finish.
  • Fourth grader Garret Gardner was the first elementary student to finish.
  • Eighth grader T.J. Sanchez was the first to finish in middle school.
  • Mr. Duzan was the first teacher to finish.
  • Board members Travis Smith and Roger Rekate tied coming across the line.
  • Mrs. Goin’s son-in-law Craig Preston was the first person to cross the finish line with a child and a stroller.
  • The first mother-daughter pair to finish were LeAnna and Lauren Gilbert.