Maddie Sets State Record for Career 3-Pointers



The Lady Cardinals game against Lutie on January 28, 2014, wasn’t just “another game” for the Lady Cardinals.

Not only was it their first home game of the season after 16 games on the road, but the stage was set for senior Maddie Hursh to make history.

Beginning the game, Maddie–who broke the single season record for 3-pointers last season–needed only one 3-pointer to break the Missouri Career 3-Point Record. (Watch video here.)

In the first play of the game, freshman guard Shayna Adams hit Maddie on the wing and she knocked down her 320th career three-pointer, breaking the state record.

The game stopped fifteen seconds in as the crowd took time to celebrate Maddie’s accomplishment by  cheering, holding up signs, and throwing balloons and streamers.

Maddie said, “ To break that kind of record was great, but being surrounded by my community, friends, and family and knowing I have all of their support was the best feeling in the world, and definitely one that I’ll never forget.”

The Chadwick Lady Cardinals season is off to a great start, with a record of 11-5 and a number eight ranking in the state.

The girls recently placed second in the Rogersville tournament after beating the Sparta Trojans 41-70 in the semi-finial game and losing to the much-larger Marshfield.

Since the tournament the Lady Cardinals have won back to back games beating Everton and Lutie.

Hailey Stevens said, “I am glad that our team has finally started playing with intensity and confidence. I am proud of Maddie and my team, and am looking forward to the rest of our season.”