Staying Drug Free Is a Slam Dunk


On Tuesday, October 15, the staff and students of Chadwick school welcomed Captain Magic Valentino Willis, the Captain of the Harlem Swish, to get students excited about Red Ribbon Week.

Willis used his comic basketball skills to teach the students about the importance of being drug-free and having fun.

During the assembly, Willis talked about the negative affects of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use. He made the assembly especially interesting by getting the students and staff members involved. A variety of students and teachers were selected to participate in activities involving teamwork, reaction skills, and most importantly, listening to the directions you are given.

Willis had a fun, yet effective way of getting his message across to the students. Freshman Shelby Weter said, “His message was that we shouldn’t do drugs, and also that it is important to listen to our teachers and parents.”

School counselor Mrs. Misty Wilkserson organized the assembly. She stated, “I want all the kids in our school to start thinking about being drug-free now and for the rest of their lives.”

Red Ribbon week starts off on October 28 and lasts through November 1.