Chadwick’s New Band Program Seeking Donations

Chadwick’s new band program was featured on KY3 last night. Here’s an excerpt from the transcript:

“The Chadwick School district started offering band classes for the first time ever this year. Since the program has very little funding available, students who want to play have to get their own instruments.

“I would say on average an instrument will cost about 1,000 dollars. They can be rented for about $30 a month at stores,” [Mr. Sean] Spyres said.

Four instruments have already been donated by local families and/or churches, but the program still needs about a dozen more to give everyone in band access to an instrument.

“We have a Chadwick band fund set up right now that people can donate to. Donated instruments and money will help these kids have the opportunity to do something new,” said Spyres.

The band is currently in need of drums, woodwind, and brasswind instruments.

If you would like to donate please contact band director Mr. Sean Spyress at: OR contract the Chadwick School District Office at (417) 634-2669

You can watch the video of the full story here.