Our Teams May Be Young, But They Have Heart


The Chadwick junior high boys and girls basketball teams started their season strong against Lutie on September 3, 2013. The girls team won their game 28-12, and the boys team won 25-24.

On September 5, the Chadwick junior high boys and girls teams played their first home game against Niangua.

Niangua only had four girls on their team, so the coaches decided to turn the night’s games into co-ed games.

During the girls game, which lasted just two quarters, Niangua played a few boys from their team to fill out their roster. The Chadwick girls did not seem to mind as they easily beat their opponents 26-8.

The boys played a tough game, matching up against the best players from both the boys and girls teams, and missing the win by just 11 points. The game ended with a score of 20-31.

The Niangua team isn’t the only one running short on players. The Chadwick teams this year have added sixth grade boys and sixth and fifth grade girls.

It can be a challenge for the younger players who are often out-sized and have less experience, but anyone who has watched them play knows that some of our youngest players can compete with the best of them. And there is no denying they have heart.

Fifth grader Paris Gilbert is among the youngest players on either team and has been starting for the girls. “It’s kind of scary,” she said. “Sometimes they’re huge!” Then she added, quickly: “But it’s fun too!”

Coach Bub Payne said he wants the girls to consistently improve every day in practice and be competitive in all of their games.

Coach Brenton Hyde has similar goals for his team. He said that he just wants his boys to compete hard in every game that they play and get better every day.