Say Hi to Eli, the Guinea Pig

There’s a new face in Mrs. Blaine’s classroom this year — a fat and furry one!

To liven up her classroom, Mrs. Blaine decided to purchase a guinea pig, an ant farm, and a container of worms. They’ve only lived at Chadwick School for about a month and a half, but they’re already popular with the students. According to Mrs. Blaine, the guinea pig is “a celebrity,” and the kids “love him.”

Considering his fame among the classes, the guinea pig’s name—Elias—seems rather fitting. He was named after one of the most well-known men in history: Walt Elias Disney.

At first, Mrs. Blaine was not sure what animal would be the best fit for the two classes. “After much research,” Mrs. Blaine said, “we decided that a guinea pig was the easiest pet to get for a classroom. Not to mention, Mrs. Hicks had the cage already.”

Each week, two different sixth grade students take the responsibility of cleaning Elias’s cage and feeding all the animals. Though it may seem like another tedious assignment, Mrs. Blaine said the students are “excited to help.” 

She said that Elias’s main purpose in the classroom is to teach the students responsibility, care, and kindness. “Plus,” she said, “we learn all about animals and their ecosystems.”

Elias is making learning a bit more fun for Mrs. Blaine’s classes, and his presence has already taught them so much. As Mrs. Blaine said, “Caring about another creature’s well-being is a great lesson,” and it helps that the classes are willing to learn it.