Academic Team Competes in History Bowl

The Chadwick Academic Team traveled to SBU Campus on Monday, February 26, 2018, to compete against 45 other teams in their annual History Bowl.

The event was easily the largest competition a Chadwick academic team has ever attended and was in a paper-and-pencil test format, rather than the usual tossup-and-bonus buzzer format.

Each team was given ten questions in ten categories for a total of 100 questions. Chadwick placed toward the bottom of their division, scoring a 40 out of  a possible 100. Two homeschool teams from Bolivar took first and third in the small schools division, while Springfield Catholic placed second.

Academic Team Coach Tyler Walker said, “The paper-and-pencil format was new to us, but we did alright, and I think everyone had a great time. Hopefully next year we’ll study a little harder and be more competitive.”

The Chadwick Academic Team consists of seniors Evan Davis and Tory Garrison; sophomores Courtney Hill, Hannah Parker, and Koltin Walker; and freshmen Kalya Purdome, Kirsten Maggard, Kylie Purdome, Jaron VanHouden, and Mariah Aldrich.