Chadwick Students on the Job

Some Chadwick students participated in job shadowing on the last two days of the first semester while other Chadwick students were busy taking finals.

Only students that met the attendance and grade requirements to be exempt from their final exams were allowed to job shadow on those days.

Some students stayed relatively close to home, job shadowing parents or another family member. At least one student didn’t even have to leave school to complete the job shadowing experience: junior Brandyn Wiles followed Principal David Aldrich around the school all day. He learned what it was like to put in a hard day as a school administrator, but with one major difference: he got to go home at 3:30pm. Mr. Aldrich had to stay late to supervise activities.

Other students reached out to members of the community to find someone to shadow. Freshman Mariah Aldrich shadowed Amelia Wigton, editor of the Christian County Headliner. She attended meetings and a press conference, then spent the rest of the day interviewing, writing news stories, and taking photographs.

“For a whole day, I got to see through the eyes of a newspaper reporter,” Mariah said. “I had a great time and I hope that someday that I can have the life of journalist.”

You can read more about Mariah’s experience in an editorial piece she wrote for the Headliner.