Preventing the “Summer Slide”

Q. How do I make sure my kids don’t lose knowledge and skills over the summer?

A. Summer slide — when kids forget what they learned from the school year — is pretty common. But there’s one proven method for preventing it: reading. Kids who read a lot over the summer not only maintain reading skills, they go back to school better prepared for all subjects.

There are many ways to get kids reading. Schedule regular sessions every day, read with them, read to them, and help them choose a wide array of material — even comic books. Check out our Summer Reading List for Kids for book picks for all ages. And if your kids are reluctant readers, consider these books to coax them.

Frequent skill-building sessions throughout the summer help, too. Try these math and science programs and reading and writing boosters.

And remember, it’s OK — in fact, it’s beneficial — for kids to get bored, too. Downtime encourages kids to use their imagination and creativity and develop their inner selves — essential skills they can use all their lives.