Bullying Awareness Week

This week the middle and high school students will be taking a stand against bullying as part of a special Bullying Awareness Week.

Each day of the week will have different activities:

  • Monday: The students will take part in an assembly to learn about the effects of bullying, prevention skills, and how to make our school a safer place.
  • Tuesday: United we stand against bullying! This is Unity Day and all of the students are encouraged to wear orange, the national anti-bullying color.
  • Wednesday: This day is all about kindness! The high school students are going on their Compassion Day field trips, and the middle schoolers are challenged to commit at least three random acts of kindness.
  • Thursday: The students have been challenged to make anti-bullying posters and these are due Thursday morning.
  • Friday: The class with the best poster will get a pizza party!

We really hope all of the students will participate to help end bullying in our school!

–Haley Farris