2015 Yearbook CardVines Contest

Can’t access YouTube? Click here to watch on SchoolTube.

The Yearbook Class is sponsoring a video contest to promote the 2015 Yearbook, and we want everyone to participate!

The videos must

  • be fifteen seconds or less,
  • be related to student life,
  • and be school appropriate.

All students featured in the videos must have their media release form signed before the video is uploaded.

Vines may be displayed online and the top student entry from each quarter will receive a $15 gift card.

By submitting a video to the contest, you give the Chadwick School and Yearbook Staff the right to use and distribute the videos as they see fit.

To enter, submit your video at http://www.dropitto.me/chsyearbook and use the password cardvines. Name your video in a way that the staff will know who entered the video. It’s free to enter and you can enter as many videos as you want.

Remember it’s not just about winning, it’s about sharing and having fun!

To see featured CardVines throughout the year, watch for links on the side panel at http://www.chadwick.k12.mo.us

Questions and comments can be directed to yearbook@chadwick.k12.mo.us

Have fun and good luck!