Thou Shalt Read Shakespeare


Earlier this school year, high school English teacher Mr. Walker applied for a Power Up Grant from the White River Valley Electric Cooperative for about $500 to purchase copies of Shakespearean plays for use in his classroom.

Mr. Walker said Romeo and Juliet will be taught to English I, Macbeth and Taming of the Shrew will be taught to English II, and Hamlet will be taught to English III.

The books that were purchased were from Sparknote’s “No Fear” series, a side-by-side edition that has Shakespeare’s works printed on one side of the page and a paraphrase on the other. Mr. Walker said he hopes these versions will help students comprehend the plot and dialogue while still giving them an appreciation for the complexity and poetry of the original language.

Freshman Haley Farris said, “I think it’s a really good opportunity for all students to be exposed to different kinds of literature. I have personally really enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone. So far my favorite part of Romeo and Juliet has been the language and how Shakespeare includes plenty of puns and jokes.”

Alex Hicks said, “I enjoy reading Shakespeare since we get to act out all the parts. I also really enjoy all the violent parts.”