It’s Carnival, Jack!

Pic for carnival atricle

On Friday, October 4, the PTO hosted their annual fall carnival with a Duck Dynasty theme. Many people came dressed as the famous bearded brothers or dressed in Duck Dynasty gear. The PTO awarded the best-dressed carnival-goers with a prize.

The event raised around $5500 after expenses.

Carnival contestants competed in three categories: preschool through fourth grade, fifth grade through eighth grade, and ninth grade through twelfth grade.  The winners were preschoolers Mylea Bertoldie and Creek Guerin, sixth graders Lauren Gilbert and Jacob Salee, and ninth graders Kayla Loveland and Corbin Michael.

The candidates for carnival included:

Grades Candidates
Preschool Mylea Bertoldie & Creek Guerin
K Layla Smith & Trayven Hill
1 Annie Burkhart and Gage Cover
2 Lexi Loveland & Bradley Willes
3 Cora Micheal & Clayton Rains
4 Jessica Sanchez & Ethan Williams
5 Mariah Aldrich & Calvin Rains
6 Lauren Gilbert & Jacob Salee
7 Destniny Nelson & Dalton Ervin
8 Mikaya Little & T.J. Sanchez
9 Kayle Loveland & Corbin Michael
10 Bridget Maggard & Forest Osborn
11 Abby Maggard & Janson Billingsly
12 Riley Massey & Sydney Guardiola

Note: Some candidates could not be included in the gallery because they have not yet turned in the school media release form.